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Next Level Telecommunications

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You could save at least 40% of your phone bill when switching from a traditional phone service to Next Level. No matter what size your business is, what kind of phones you have, if you have one phone or hundreds, we know what it takes to make your system more affordable and more reliable. It’s time to stop paying for traditional phone service and get the service you need today!

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Next Level Telecommunications uses today’s technology as tools to help us in our day to day activities and in running a business that is seamless and efficient in our daily operations.  Our strategy is simple. “Provide the customer with what they need, when they need it, for a fair price.” If you learn anything about us we hope its that we believe in a no excuse, get it done mentality and that we aren’t satisfied until you (the customer) is satisfied. Whether it is a new install of phone systems for small business, a phone systems service call or training on business VOIP phone service we have your best interest in mind because without you, we don’t exist!

What we have seen in today’s technology-driven world is that things are always changing and what you ask for and what you want may not always be the same thing. This is where our Richmond, Va business phone services are able to help customers the most. What makes our process different is that we listen to our customers and help them understand the difference between what they are asking for and what they really need, rather than just selling them every last office phone system in the store. We listen to your wants, needs and requests and then take the time to thoroughly explain what we plan on delivering, based on what you’ve told us. Once we have made sure we all understand each other, we move forward, keeping you informed of our progress through each and every step of the procedure.

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